Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dressing Modestly

Modesty is something I've been thinking a lot about lately, and even though I already to by best to dress modestly as far as neck line goes, I'm thinking I should take it a little further. Lately I've been sensing a calling to embrace what I call "true feminine modesty" on a daily basis, which for me means all skirt (below knee) & blouse combos, and sometimes dresses. I will of course have to do some shopping first. While I have skirts & tops for Mass, I do not have casual items for everyday.

I've been doing some online searching and came across several wonderful modest shops & I added them to my sidebar. Check them out!! If there is a link that's not on the list, but you think it should be, please let me know.

If any of my readers have their own stories regarding modesty I would love to hear them.


  1. your new skirt is gunna look great this post makes me feel guilty for not finishing it but I will... promise!

  2. I have a strong sense of my inner self, which I feel shines forth from my face, especially my eyes. I happen to think a smile is important, too. So this is the major reason why I gradually added more modesty to my physical appearance, and my friends and people in general seem to all respond really positively.

  3. Thanks for the modest sites - some great sites and useful vests and even a great nursing jacket for my daughter. Also makes me think about my choice of clothing in the everyday stores. Keep up the great Blog :)


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