Thursday, September 30, 2010

I know...

"The souls of men are tried less by work than by the frustration that comes from too much attention to the trivial." ~Bishop Fulton Sheen

This quote is in a frame on my husband's desk, and since I'm using his computer it's staring me right in the face. I did not even get on the computer with the intention of posting something today, I just planned on taking some time to goof-off, and maybe do a little online window shopping. :)

But now I feel a bit guilty and I'm thinking I should force myself to get up and do something that needs to be done, but that I really don't want to do, like workout, laundry, clean the office, etc. I wish that when I read quotes such as this one, that it would stick with me for a long period of time, but they are often forgotten too quickly, and I end up right back where I started. I know I could write my favorite quotes down and stick them where I'll see them, but I've noticed that eventually that piece of paper just becomes another fixture in the house & I stop noticing it.

Is that normal? Am I the only one that does that? Any new tips?

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  1. It's our human nature to overlook things that become commonplace. When I pray the Rosary, at the end of each decade I pray for the souls of the faithful departed. A while back, I started naming them individually, with their first and last names. I did that because I really wanted to focus on praying for these people who I believe are in Purgatory. At first, it worked great! I was saying their whole name, one after the other, and really focusing on praying for each one of them. Recently, I noticed that it has become a memorized version of just another prayer, so whatever benefit I was garnering for these souls may now be gone. It is so easy to get distracted.


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