Sunday, October 31, 2010

Phantom---Last chance!!

Yesterday Paul took me to see "The Phantom of the Opera", on it's closing weekend, our last chance to see it, and it was amazing--the whole day was wonderful!!

We went to the matinee showing (2:00pm), but we arrived around noon to have lunch. My sweet husband had planned on a Sushi lunch (my favorite) but the place was closed, so instead we had Chinese food, but that didn't take up much time, so we went to an Irish Pub to hang out. Paul had a Guinness, I had a glass of wine, and we shared the BEST bread pudding EVER!!

Soon it was time to head for the theatre (Pantages), which was very exciting, I had never been there and this was my first show ever. The Pantages is BEAUTIFUL, it felt like we entered another world.

OK, so this is where I THANK MY HUBBY for making my first experience a great one. Our seats were in the very front row, dead center! Thanks Sweets!

As for the show, it's hard to even describe how great it was. The Phantom was played by an understudy (Stephen Tewksbury) and he made a great Phantom, actually the whole cast was great, but the Phantom and Raoul (Sean MacLaughlin) really stood out. Usually I'm not one to get all excited about costumes and such, but being that close you just can't help it, not only do you notice the amazing colors, but the texture of all the fabric used was truly impressive.

I'm not going to review each act, just the 2 best (to me anyhow). The guy who played the Phantom gave great performance, but the last act was just awesome!! That's the only way I could think to describe it. But the "All I Ask of You" scene was my favorite, and it's the only scene where I cried. When I saw the movie version, the guy who played Raoul came acroos as having a puppy-love kind of thing going. But, the guy who played Raoul yesterday really changed the character for me and this scene went from a nice romantic song to WOW, you can truly feel how in love he is & how much he wants to protect her.

The whole show was wonderful!!

Afterwards we went across the street & had a nice romantic dinner that included Escargots & Champagne.

Thanks for another great date night, SWEETIE!!

Here are a few pics from my phone...

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  1. oh what a lovely time!! I remember seeing that with my husband about 6 yrs ago. I love the phantom of the opera.


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