Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting Into Shape

I started exercising again, mainly cardio but some lifting, and it feels great. Now, anyone who knows me also knows that this is a common theme with me--exercise for a couple of weeks feel really great, then stop completely and wonder why I'm not feeling so great anymore--LOL!! Part of me is back on the program because it's Christmas time, which means cookies, cake, and more treats really high in carbs. I just hope I can remember how I feel right now, and continue what it takes to make that happen.

I know weight isn't all that important & it really isn't about that, it's about mental clarity, and having a higher energy level. The higher energy level is my favorite part!!

Speaking of treats though, next week I'll be making a ton of Cake Balls & that excites me, 'Cos they're just sooo good. ;)

I hope everyone gets to eat tons of yummy treats in the next few weeks!!

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