Thursday, February 23, 2012


Have you heard of

It's a website where you can joins groups or organizations that people have created, such as book clubs, charity events, or workout groups. I can't remember how I found it, but once I checked it out I knew I wanted to create my own group so that I could hopefully make some new friends in my area.

I have lived in the OC for 6-7 years, but I spend most of my free time with my family, who lives 45min - 1hr away. I love seeing my family often, but it would be nice to call someone up who only lives minutes away and meet for lunch, etc...

The group I set up is for people with little dogs. The idea is to arrange meet-ups at dog parks, go for walks, and meet new people. So far we've had 2 meet-ups, last week was a dog park, and today was a walk & lunch. Only 2 people showed up to the dog park, but I still had a great time and the ladies there were really fun to talk to. Today 4 people showed, and everyone was great. We went for a long walk around the park (it's really big) with our furry friends, and once they were worn out we headed over to the cafe inside the park to grab a bite. I had never eaten there and I was surprised how good the food was....yum, sweet potato fries!!!

I think starting this was a great idea! I may not always be a main part of the conversation, but I really enjoy listening to the conversations going on and listening to all the different opinions or experiences. If you ask any member of my family, all I do is talk, but when I'm in a group I don't know well, I'm happy just to listen.

One of these days I'll take some pictures!!

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