Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Morning

This morning I took Cookie to the groomers, then headed back home to wait for someone to come fix the microwave. They just came out a couple months ago for the turn table, this time the microwave wont generate any heat. :/

I wanted to watch tv sooooo BAD while I was waiting. I just sat there thinking about the shows sitting on my DVR waiting for me. I decided it'd be better to just turn on the radio & clean the kitchen. Yes, a much better idea!

Microwave is back in service, YAY!! I missed it so much!

This weekend I had the WORST allergy attack I've had in years, so I spent most all of yesterday in bed. I guess it really helps to take meds, sleep, and repeat. I'm feeling great today as far as allergies go, a little sluggish though, so I think it's nap time, then pick up Cookie, once I bring her home I can go for a much needed run.

Happy Monday!!

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