Friday, March 2, 2012

Modest Bathing Suit!!!

I went to Walmart with my sister today and I decided to take a look at the swimsuits as we walked by them. I want to take a swimsuit on the trip, but I'm also in desperate need of a new one, but just the idea of shopping for one gets me frustrated. Anyhow my sister found one for me (picture below), and I LOVE IT!!!

The picture is not all that clear, but trust me it's CUTE, and it comes in red too!! When we got home I tried it on with a Cover Me piece I was already wearing & it was perfect. I can't believe how happy I am, but I finally found a swimsuit that is not only modest (with the Cover Me), but I feel so comfortable in it.

I have a CoverMe Swimsuit piece that's been sitting in my drawer, so I'm excited to get to use it. I will post a pic of one below, as well as the "how to" video.

FYI...for those who'd like to go a little more modest: I wore a dress today with leggings underneath, and when I tried on the swimsuit I was too lazy to take them off, and it actually looked really good too!!

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  1. I think the leggings underneath are a really good idea. Have you seen the design by swim-modest? It covers arms and has a longer length skirt and separate leggings. I am trying to follow Mary's (the Blessed Mother) standard of dressing. These suits look stylish yet, leave you well covered.


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