Friday, August 24, 2012

Healthy Eating Journal

I feel like I'm finally succeeding in eating better, and it feels great! My mood is really improving as a result, which I'm sure my husband thinks is great. LOL! 

I used to come up with these strict meal plans and almost as soon as they were written down I stopped following them. This time I've just decided to follow a few guidelines based on what I know works for me. 

Choose 2 meals to rotate throughout the week.  This week it was homemade parfait's and oatmeal (I actually love oatmeal) with blueberries. 

Change it up! Lunch is something I'm not getting too picky about, so at the end of the day I don't feel like I want to eat every carb loaded, sugar filled item not nailed down. My main issue with lunch is portion control & too many carbs, so as long as I keep myself in check in that regard I should be good!

This week I had a quesadilla, clam chowder, and tuna salad with romaine lettuce. I would have had a tuna sandwich, but given how much mayo was used I thought I'd make the smarter choice and eat it with lettuce. All of this was accompanied by a piece of tangelo, which is my choice of fruit for the week.

No Carbs!!  The plan for dinner is to have a salad loaded with veggies, along with chicken, turkey, or beef, and a green veggie side dish. I have noticed how much better I feel physically (less bloated) in the morning having not eaten carbs for my last meal of the day.

This week I had tri-tip and salad, lettuce wrapped sushi (from store), chicken sausage and veggies. That's all I can remember actually.

Sugar Free Jello!!  That's this week, and probably the next too, until I can think of something else.

Here are some photos from this week!

 Lettuce wrapped sushi.

 Homemade parfait. Vanilla yogurt (Dannon light & fit) with 
blueberries, strawberries, banana, and Bran Buds on top.

 Sugar free jello. Portioned out for the week.

 Chicken sausage and veggies. This was last Sunday's dinner!

Tuna salad and lettuce. 
That's what I had for lunch today!

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