Friday, August 17, 2012

Window Shopping - On ETSY!!

On days that I decide to walk on the treadmill I usually goof off on the computer, and sometimes I manage to some get blogging done. You can actually tell how much exercising I get done by how often I post, and as you can see it's been a while...

Online window shopping is one of my favorite ways to kill time, especially on Etsy. I love sharing great finds, and below you'll find a quite a few recent favorites. I have to admit, I did not share everything because some things were added to my cart. :)

Just click on the photos and you will be taken to where you can purchase that item.

Vintage Crucifix 

Vintage 70's Oxford Pumps

Indian Sari Skirt

Mother Teresa Quote 

Cross Stitch Bookmark

Icon Bracelet 

The Practice of the Presence of God

Rosebud Belt

Our Lady of Grace

Gypsy Skirt

Immaculate Heart of Mary - wooden toy

 Thai Fishermen Pants

 Antique Sterling First Holy Communion Medal

Antique Virgin Mary Brooch

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