Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thoughts On Sarah

I'm spending the evening with my husband watching non-stop election coverage, mostly on Fox News, and Sarah Palin is all over the place. First let me tell you I haven't always been a fan of Palin. When she first came onto the scene I found her uncomfortable to listen to, not very confident, and yes, at times she came across as inarticulate. Now, I'm not saying she was any of these things, but that is how she came across.

But now...


She is on fire! Her confidence level is unbelievably high, and she is handling herself very, very well. I've been watching Palin the last few days, and I'm just so impressed with her I had to say something about it.

California didn't turn out as I had hoped, but the conservatives nation-wide had some great wins tonight.

Congrats to Marco Rubio!!

I'm still waiting for them to call the Ohio race for governor...I'm prayin' for you Kasich (my boy)!!

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  1. Yeah, regardless of where one is on the political spectrum, it's clear to see that she's become much more confident and comfortable in her own skin. Makes her come across much more self-assured.


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