Friday, August 26, 2011

Nice night. Excited about tomorrow.

Once the sun was nearly down I took Cookie out to play for a while, and since it's so nice out I decided to come sit at the patio table and do something I've been neglecting for quite some time... :)

It really is a beautiful evening, and it's especially nice after the extremely hot day we just had. I only wish we had eaten dinner outside. We had pan seared Red Snapper, and it was yummy! Perfect for al fresco eating.

Tomorrow is the day of our 5k, and even though I'm not as prepared as I would like, I'm super excited!!! My goal was to be able to run the whole thing, and I'm not sure I'll make it, especially if it's as hot as it's been the last few days. I'm still really looking forward to it. I'll just do what I can do!

My mom's birthday is Sunday, but we are going to take her out to lunch tomorrow as well (my brother too!). We were going to spend the day the OC Food Truck Fest, but it's just too hot and I think we'd all end up in a bad mood. We're going to try out a new burger place so Paul is really excited, it's really cute!!

BTW, my mom is going to be 65!! Wow!!



I hope that everyone has a happy and blessed weekend!


  1. Hope the 5k went well, Molly! Let us know how it went.

  2. Getting ready to do a 5K in September--how was it?! :-)

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