Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent is here!!

My Plans this Lenten season...

Giving up:
Eating after 9:00pm

Complete 3 spiritual books
Workout daily (30 minute min)
Spend more time cooking & cleaning (in an organized fashion)
Keep a "Lent 2012" journal
Spend 15min -1hr in silence (whatever the day allows for)
Weekday Mass 2 days a week (at least)
Start BLOGGING again!!

As you probably guessed, I watch too much TV, and spend too much time on the computer. Back when I was on the computer mostly to blog & read other blogs I didn't feel like I was wasting a bunch of time and not getting anything out of it, but since I stopped blogging I've started to feel that way. It's amazing how much of my life has been wasted on the above sites. The thing I miss most about the blogging world is learning. Everyday I felt like I had learned a lot, either through something I had written myself or reading the writings of a fellow blogger. I'm so glad I decided to come back!!

Every year for Lent my husband and I either give something up, decide to do something extra (to bring us closer to God), or both, and as you can see I'm doing a little of both this year. There are so many other things I can improve on, or do more of, but these are the things I feel called to focus on most this year.


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