Monday, March 19, 2012

Acts of Kindness

And if I should distribute all my goods to feed the poor,
and if I should deliver my body to be burned,
and have not Charity, it profiteth me nothing.
~1 Corinthians 13:3

It's amazing what comes to mind while on the treadmill. Since we got home I've been trying to work off the pounds I gained eating all that yummy Israeli food....and the pounds I needed to lose before we left. :)

With the laptop setup on the treadmill I find I can walk forever.

Anyhow, this morning I've been thinking about acts of kindness, and the plan was to do a really long post about why we should be inspired to always be thinking of this.


I went on google to look for images and I decided that's all I needed for this topic. I hope you find the following pictures inspiring in some way.


  1. Dear Molly-I wish you would be kinder to yourself about your weight. In the pictures, you look beautiful.--

    1. Pathway-That's very sweet. Thank You!!


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