Friday, March 30, 2012


We received this Holy Week Schedule (pic below) in the mail yesterday, and I couldn't help but smile after reading it. 

Notice the list of CONFESSION times!!!

This schedule is from San Secondo d'Asti Catholic Church.  It is the Church where we were married, and attended frequently until the TLM was available close by (it's a 45 min drive for us), but I wish we were able to get there more often.

The Church itself is 150 years old and it has the ambiance you would expect from a Church that old. But that is not the main reason we wanted to be married there...

The Pastor, Fr. Marx (yes that's his last name, people actually call him by his last name), Is very Traditional in his teaching and administering the Sacraments (as you can tell). Now I'm sure some would think "if he's that traditional he must be rather stern", or something along those lines, but that's so far from the truth, Fr. Marx is the kindest, most soft-hearted man I know, during his sermons he refers to the congregation as "my dear ones". 

When I see something like this schedule for Confessions I know he "gets it", he gets what's really important. I know that because this schedule is not unexpected. His Parish offers Confession every day of the week, and before every Sunday Mass.

This post is not meant to say no other Priest takes the Sacraments seriously, especially one as important as Confession is, but this morning I went online to the websites of our near by parishes and most have already had their Penance services and will not have any other scheduled Confessions before Easter.

I hope you will join me in praying that in years to come (sooner would be great!!) we see more Holy Week schedules like the one from San Secondo d'Asti...


  1. Hi...I just found you! I think it's great how often this church has confession! I love going to confession. I heard Timothy Cardinal Dolan talk about confession yesterday on his radio show and he thinks possibly the 45 minutes set aside each weel on Saturday might not be convenient for us Catholics. Well...maybe. If you want to be reconciled you'll make the time....I feel. I have to say having confession before Sunday mass does sound like a banner idea....if you have a priest that is willing to do it. Nice post.

  2. Before we moved we were part of a Latin Mass community and we had the opportunity to go to the Sacrament of Confession any day of the week and we had a choice of priests to go to. I didn't realize what a grace this was until we moved. Now, in our new parish there are only Saturday confessions. I do wish that the Sacrament of Confession would take on a more important in all parishes. Thanks for your post. I will have to check out the church link you posted.

  3. P.S. Thanks so much for this link! We sometimes are in L.A. and now we can look for this mass to attend while there.


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