Thursday, July 19, 2012


In early May my dad, and step mom Michelle moved to Arizona, but my baby sis Cassidy (she's 16) stayed in CA to finish the school year.

My brother Tim and I just got back on the 16th from taking her out to AZ. It was a fun trip!! I've really missed my dad, and even though we didn't see each other every day it's hard knowing I can't just go see him anytime.

It was hard being away from Paul for that long, but he was away at a conference on Church history that week. That's why I planned the trip when I did.

There aren't many pics from the trip and what I did take was on my phone so the quality may not be so great.  :/

There's also a short video of a lightning storm!

The view on the drive up. We're almost there!!

Cassidy on our first day exploring.

Dad & Tim on our first day fishing.

Cassidy & her new friend!  :)

Our dinner that night...the BIG one was mine! ;)

My dinner!!

Tim & Cookie on the back porch. 

Pretty rainbow (view from backyard)!

Same rainbow.

Michelle, Cookie, Tink (chihuahua), and Bella (Mastiff) relaxing!

Tim at the top the mountain at the ski resort. We rode up, but hiked down. Tim, Cassidy, and I didn't stay on the trail, we went into the trees where we knew there were bears and things because we saw a bear cub cross the trail on the way up.  It was fun!!

Another view.

Cookie chillin' on the back porch...I think she misses it! :(

This storm went on all day, the day before we left. I'm just glad it was clear the next morning.

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  1. Very nice Molly! So glad you guys had. Great trip. Your pictures are beautiful and yea we all miss them! Maybe next trip we can all make it :)


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